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Why is it important to me? ...Because it should be important to everybody! I've never suffered any serious injury or disease but, of course, many others have...and they are still suffering needlessly... we can help support many people (maybe not all but at least some) by giving of ourselves to help the community around us. Someday we are all going to pass away (The Ultimate Statistic, 10 out of 10 die) but we can have confidence now that when our time comes we can still be giving back and helping out those in need... besides when we are gone, we won't be needing our organs (and tissue) anymore anyway! So, to me, it's just the right thing to do!

Do It Now... PLEASE Don't Delay!

Listen, we all procrastinate... But this is something we cannot procrastinate about! We never know when our time will come, that's why it's urgent to give consent to be a donor RIGHT NOW... Wouldn't you want someone to give you the option of life if you were in that situation and in need of help? It's easy and only takes 2 minutes, GET STARTED NOW! and join me in helping save lives!

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