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The majority of people who are asked the question “why they believe organ and tissue donation to be important” will answer either it isn’t important or they will say “because it saves lives”…the static, yet correct answer. Me…I say because it saved MY life. I was a typical 16 year old finishing up my last semester of 10th grade when I became sick…nonspecific, just sick - nausea, lethargic, achy. My doctor told me that it was “stress” and to go home and sleep. That weekend, I was rushed by ambulance to a Toronto hospital and immediately put on dialysis, my kidneys had failed. I was hours from death. After a battery of tests, dialysis, plasmapheresis, blood transfusions, ECG’s, MRI’s and every other acronym you can think of, I was diagnosed with a virus which was essentially causing my immune system to attack my kidneys. I was told within 3-5years I would need a kidney transplant. Almost 3 years to the day on May 24, 2000 I was blessed with a new life and received my kidney.

Don’t worry, this is someone else’s story it won’t happen to you...

WRONG, it can happen to you or someone you know and love. Currently there are approx. 1500 people on waiting lists for organs in Ontario. All of whom never imagined it would ever happen to them and sadly many will die waiting for an organ or tissue. I am of an extremely small percentage of people who fortunately had donors come forward to donate their kidney to me. Giving another person an organ, how much more of a hero can one be? After many tests, a loved one blessed me with my kidney. Their selfless act of donating was one of the most amazing things that a person can do for another. It has given me a quality of life I would not have otherwise had for the past 12 yrs and I thank him every single day. It may never happen to you or to anyone you know, but the occurrences of organ failure are increasing every day. By registering yourself and telling your family your wishes to donate, you are doing the selfless act of saving up to 8 lives and inspiring others to join as well.

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