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Alex Pangman: Gift of 8 Campaign

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In 2008 I was dying from lung disease. My quality of life had all but disappeared. I was newly wed, I was a singer by trade, I was in my early 30s with everything to live for...and I was planning my will. Then the call came that changed everything. I got lungs. New lungs that worked!

Second wind for singer & newlywed

After a life of fighting for air you cannot imagine the wonderful gift of being able simply to draw breath again. So simple. Just like it always should have been. No tubes, just lungs. That worked. I now ride my horse again, travel with my husband, and have resumed my career as a working/recording/touring jazz singer. It's all those huge wonderful things, and it's the small things, like taking a shower without an oxygen tank, like being able to walk in the snow without my lungs wanting to explode, like being grateful everyday... for the everyday! When I stand on stage and sing I often remind people that I truly come to them through the courtesy of my donor & hero. Please give the gift of life.

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