How to register your consent

In Ontario, those willing to become deceased organ and tissue donors should register their decision through ServiceOntario.

To register as an organ and tissue donor, you need:

  • To be at least 16 years old.
  • To provide your date of birth.
  • Your health card number and version code (if applicable).

At the time of death, your family or next of kin will be consulted regarding your wishes to become an organ and tissue donor. It is important to have a conversation with your family, so they are confident when asked about your organ and tissue donation wishes.

You can register three ways:

Register Online Find a Location to Register in Person Download Consent Form

And register by mail. Send forms to:
Organ Donor Consent – ServiceOntario,
113-435 James Street South,
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6T1.

How to check if you’ve already registered your consent

In 2008, Ontario Health (Trillium Gift of Life Network) moved from paper donor registration wallet cards to an online donor registry linked to your health card with the Ministry of Health. These cards are no longer in use.

To confirm you are registered as an organ and tissue donor:

  • Visit the Organ and Tissue Donor Registration page on the ServiceOntario website and select “Register, Check or Update.”
  • Enter in the requested identification and click on “Next.”
  • If your registration has been processed, the system will respond, “Yes, you are a registered organ and tissue donor.”
  • If you are not registered, you will be asked if you wish to register.

Who can register to become a donor?

Age considerations

  • Anyone 16 years or older with a valid Ontario health card can register.
  • Donation may occur at any stage of life.

Religious considerations

  • People from every major religion have donated.
  • Almost all religions support gestures that save or preserve the lives of others. Consult your faith leader if you are unsure of your religion’s position.

Medical considerations

  • Even individuals with serious illnesses can sometimes be donors. Your decision to register should not be based on whether you think you would be an eligible donor. All potential donors are medically evaluated on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Take 2 minutes to register. It could save a life.

  1. Provide your basic information including date of birth and health card number. You must be at least 16 years old.

  2. Register your consent or check your registration status with the province of Ontario on the ServiceOntario site.