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Alison Proulx: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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Organ & tissue donation had never crossed my mind until I came face to face with the fact that due to my advanced Cystic Fibrosis I needed a double lung transplant to survive. I went from living a normal life as a teenager playing competitive sports, hanging out with friends & family, performing in the school band and working part-time to being dependent on others for doing daily tasks and becoming reliant on oxygen 24/7. My life was turned upside down as I realized that showering, brushing my hair or getting out of bed would leave me exhausted & breathless. I spent hours each day performing daily treatments in an attempt to stay healthy, but eventually ended up being placed in the hospital multiple times over a year and a half on IV antibiotics and intense physio treatments, some stays lasting 2-3 months because my lungs were resistant to all anti-biotics.

One family's selfless act of saying goodbye, allows another family to say Hello again.

I was 26 when my doctors told me I would require a double lung transplant in order to regain my health and be able to go on to live a longer, more enjoyable life. I am now into my seriously late 30's because of one selfless family. My health & quality of life still amazes me some days in comparison to the days with my Cystic Fibrosis ridden lungs, and for that I will forever be thankful to my donor. I cannot fathom how difficult it must have been for the family of my donor to say goodbye to their loved one and donate the gift of life to a stranger; and now I will hope another family chooses to do the same. My donor family has unknowingly changed my life and the lives of everyone I know for the better. I carry on the legacy of my donor by giving speeches, attending awareness events and simply living my life to the fullest. So today, I ask you to please register your consent to be an organ & tissue donor. Take your chance to become someone's hero!

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