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Diagnoised at the age of 9months with Cystic Fibrosis meant many hours spent doing therapy each day. Despite this exhausting disease I never let it stop me from being a kid, nor did my mom and dad. Life was as normal as it could be until about 2yr ago when my lungs started to fail, every little thing I did was so much work. I had to stop working, go on oxygen at home and then was listed February 2012 for a Double-Lung Transplant, knowing that this would be my only hope at a new life. Having received the amazing gift of life, my double-lung transplant this fall I feel as though it is now my duty to do all I can to ensure Organ Donation is properly understood by everyone. Throughout this journey I have met many inspiring and amazing poeple along the way who all have much in common with my family and I. They too deserve to expeience a new life and to breathe easy. I thank my hero EVERYDAY for the life I awake to each and every morning. I am truly blessed by an amazing miracle.

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