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We want to normalize the concept of organ donation

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We, at Amar Karma aim to knock at every door to convey our message by branching out into different communities, by bringing as many languages as possible to the table to make our message easily conveyable to everyone around the globe. “There is a global shortage for organs, and we must not ignore this thought, as diseases come around without a notice. Our loved ones or we can be on the wait list one day, who knows? Death is inevitable and we do not choose disease, it comes our way. We aspire to connect the youth throughout the world to pool in the energy to normalize the concept of recycling ourselves to benefit the entire human race. Everything in this world has a potential to be recycled, then why should we hesitate to leave a legacy after us? There is no store to buy organs for transplants just as if we go and buy spare parts when our car breaks down. We see no reason as to why humanity should suffer when we all have help at our hands.

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