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Amber Goodfellow: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Back in 2011, I was told I was dying & that I wouldn't make it through the weekend. I had my family & my boyfriend stay with me in the hospital. They would take turns. Giving each other breaks & at least one would be with me at all times. I never thought I would get my transplant. So my family & I were planning for the worse (a funeral). One day the doctor's came in and told me that I was able to be listed for a double lung transplant again. I was excited. I knew all my hard work & fighting was paying off. With the help of my friends, family & others I have never met. They kept me staying positive & sure of myself. One night when my boyfriend was staying with me at the hospital. I got my call for my lungs. I didn't know how to react. I was happy, scared, nervous. But I knew it was time for me to have that second chance at life again. Thanks to someone who signed their donor card, I was able to receive that "special" gift.

Do your part today, and become an Organ & Tissue Donor!!!

You don't necessary have to die to become an Organ donor. There is "living donors" .. We don't need our Organs once we die, so please do your part and help others who need an Organ. Give someone else a second chance at life again. It helped save me .. So help save others.

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