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Andy Drysdale: Gift of 8 Campaign

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To put it very simply, without the selfless act of that individual signing up to allow their organs to be used after their death, I would not be alive today. Going forward, as I wrangle with the physcological thoughts of having another chance at life, my aim is to tell everyone I know about my transplant in order to convince people this is the right thing to do and to get as many people as possible to sign up!

"Don't take your organs to heaven....... heaven knows we need them here!!"

I currently live in Canada since moving here in 2011. I had my transplant in England in 2007. In order to encourage people to sign the donor list, I would relate them to my personal story. I was diagnosed (after my actual transplant!!) with severe end stage heart failure from what is know as Dilated Cardiomyopathy. This was just 6 weeks after my 24th birthday. It had a massive impact on me and my family and for sure, it has changed my life! I really enjoy telling people about what I went through as I am living evidence this whole thing works. (Believe me, even I was shocked when the surgeon that did my operation said this is basically "glorified plumbing"). I can bet that everyone I mention to about my transplant always says... "Well you look OK, I would never had guessed!!" To that I simply respond with, "that's exactly why we are having this chat and hopefully you will be inspired to join the list at: Canada www.beadonor.ca UK www.organdonation.nhs.uk

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