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At 5:18pm April 10th 1966 my parents welcomed their 8th child into the world. Little did they know that I would be born baptized and given my last rights within 48hrs. You see I was born as a "blue baby" I have a congenital heart defect. I had The "Mustard procedure" to save my life Sept 17 1969. This did nothing to stop me if anything it spurred me on to do things I was told not to do. I played street hockey with the boys played community softball and joined my elementary schools track team. By the time I was 16 my heart decided to give me a wake up call I went into Atrial fibrillation and was "paddled" back into sinus rhythm. You'd think that slowed me down not really I quit competitive sports but continued to live a "normal" life. I went to college and had fun then I got married and started having babies!! The Dr's were scared for me I was told not to and I said "don't worry I know I am supposed to have 3 kids 2boys and a girl.

If you've met me you know how determined I am so please support not only me but the beautiful people waiting!!

Well I had my 3 beautiful kids.They are 21 19 & 16 and they still need a mother. I have lived with the support of a fantastic medical team a great husband and wonderful friends and family. 3 times in the last 2yrs I went into Congestive heart failure. On Nov. 13th I had a 3lead pacemaker installed hoping to help my failing right side of my heart work in tandem with the left. It's not really working and now I have been put on the heart transplant list. If I could give blood I would every time they ask. If I could take my kids pain away every time they get hurt playing rugby or football or just being kids I would. If in my passing my organs & tissues help save another than I have!! Please I am not begging I am asking on your honour as a human being register to be a donor and TELL YOUR FAMILY !!! They need to know its ok to give you up so others may live. Thank you for taking the time to read this now go register. It may be my children's mother you save.

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