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Beth: Gift of 8 Campaign

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There are many people on the waiting list for organs, many die waiting. It's entirely in our power to end this! By becoming a registered donor, you can save and enhance the lives of others who may not have had a chance otherwise, by giving of yourself. It's the ultimate gift!! If I can do it while I'm still alive, you can do it when you're no longer using them!

Be a true hero with the ultimate gift!

Saving the life of another and easing their suffering is the best possible thing any of us can do. By registering, you can achieve this multiple times over, and lets face it, you won't be needing them anymore, parts of you can live on in others! If this is your wish, you must register to be sure this happens! Consider your loved ones, if they needed an organ donation, your biggest hope would be that another person was considerate enough to register to save your loved one. How can we expect this of the world without being willing to do the same? Please take the 2 minutes to check and register yourself for this unmatchable gift of life and love to your fellow man. <3. Thank you so much!

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