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Bradley Nicholson : Gift of 8 Campaign

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Organ and tissue donation is soo important to me because I have been through a kidney transplant. It has helped me get my life back reciveing a new kidney. It upsets me that alot of individuals die waiting for a transplant. Personaly I have saw how emotionally and physicaly draining it is on individuals waiting for a transplant and how emotionaly draining it is on family members of the individual. Yes someone dieing is horrible but if that person can help save 8 lives it just makes me smile. I was on dialysis and it is horrible hooking up to a machine everynight it just drained the living daylights out of me. I lived my life day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute waiting for a transplant. My days were filled with day dreams about what life would be like after a transplant. I got a ne kidney and it totaly changed my life. Its like being reborn. I hope through more donations and more registerd organ donars it can change the life of many more waiting for a transplant.

One Death = 8 Opportunities to save a life!

One life can save 8 lives. It takes two minutes to sign up. We are not asking for money. If you register to become a donor in the future you will have an opportunity to be a hero. If you want to die with the thought that you did nothing good for the world..fine. If you want to die knowing that you did something good and were a hero that saved up to 8 lives then you should be a donor. Imagine what a new kidney does for someone who has been living a life of non stop tiredness and not knowing when the cycle would be stopped. Imagine a individual who has been waiting for a heart gets a new heart and then is not worried about his/her early death. Imagine giving sight to someone... that is the best thing anybody could do. The gift of life is priceless. The gift of life is better then the biggest house, the nicest car, the best watch, a billion dollors, a new shirt , new glasses. So think about it. Its worth two minutes of your time to sign up.

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