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Canasia TV believes more South Asians should register as organ donors!

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Realizing the importance of promoting multiculturalism and also with a view to contribute towards the progress of connecting millions ethnics with their homelands and keeping them well informed and entertained, we established Canasia Television Network Inc., in July 2015. It has grown to become a leading offshore Television Channel Management company in Canada and United States. We serve clients broadcasting in multiple languages to Canada and United States. As part of giving back to the public, Canasia has partnered with the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) to raise awareness about registering consent for organ and tissue donation in the South Asian communities. Every three days someone dies in Ontario because the life-saving organ transplant they need is not available, yet less than 30% of Ontarians have registered their consent to be a donor. It's really surprising, and it's not good enough. Especially for the over 1,600 people in our province waiting for organ transplants and the thousands more waiting for tissue transplants. Our organization is committed to doing our part. We're asking our viewers to register their consent for organ and tissue donation – it can be done online in just two minutes, and you can do it right from this page. We're also asking them to ask their friends and family to register as well!

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