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Organ Donor Recipients are "gifted people" ....Canadian Transplant Society

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We would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this letter. The Canadian Transplant Society’s mission is to help the thousands of people in Canada who are right now waiting for transplant organs. Our aim is to raise awareness about this life or death matter. Someone I love was in a coma, as they waited in 2008 for a liver to become available. Like others in a similar situation, they spent years on a liver transplant list, their health deteriorating daily. When they fell into a coma we were told to expect the worst. Miraculously, when they had no more than a day to live, a liver was found. Today they are happy and recovering, looking forward to emerging from her long years of illness. It was this experience that led me to start this charity. With your help, we can help people like my loved one to live their lives.

Help Organ Donor Recipients are "gifted people" ....Canadian Transplant Society reach their goal