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Cathy Weatherall: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Organ failure can affect ANYONE at ANY stage of life. In Ontario, there are over 1550 people waiting for life saving organ transplants. As a nurse, I have worked with organ recipients and organ donors and their families. I have seen how impending death devastates both sides. I have witnessed the heart wrenching loss of a loved one and also seen the pride in the faces of families who have honoured their loved one in a most special and unique way by donating their organs and tissues for transplant. When I tell a family that their loved one has helped to save # of lives by the gifts that they have donated, I hear the pride in their voices knowing that a part of their loved one is living on helping complete strangers with their gift(s). To hear an organ recipient speak of their gift, is so heart warming. Never forgotten is the fact that they were saved by someone else's loss. So honorable it is to be a donor. Registered to be an organ and tissue donor @ www.beadonor.ca

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