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Chad & Kerri Killick: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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As a nurse I have always felt being a donor was important. I've been one for years. Why not help someone live when I won't be able too anymore. To give life during my death. To make a decision for myself so my family doesn't have to. I encouraged my husband Chad to become a donor. When our daughter Sadie-Gray was born early almost 4 yrs ago at 26 weeks and 1lb 15 oz, we were unsure whether she would make it. We decided then too that if the unthinkable happened we would donate her organs as well to help other babies who needed a transplant. Thank God it didnt come to that. Now here we are 4 yrs later to find out Chad's only treatment for his lung disease is a double lung transplant.

Become a donor... help save lives

You will never know how much becoming a donor is appreciated until someone you know needs a transplant...whether its you, a love one, a friend or even your neighbour. Register today. Become a organ and tissue donor and help save someone's life...

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