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Chelsey McNeil: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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Organ donation is so important to me because it is what saved my life. I have always been a strong believer in being a donor even before my life saving transplant. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis and it wasn’t until my late twenties, after having a full time job that my lung function started to decline. After getting married a year later my lungs really started to decline a lot more and I was then put on oxygen and recommended to be assessed for a double lung transplant. I successfully completed the transplant assessment but unfortunately shortly after my lungs had failed me and my oxygen was no longer working to help me breathe. I needed an emergency double lung transplant in order to live because I was dying. While I was in icu for three weeks finally a beautiful set of lungs from my angel donor came in. In 2018 I received my double lung transplant, thanks to my selfless donor and their families. I can’t thank my angel donor and their families enough, same with my medical team and all that made this happen for me to be alive today breathing so easily. I am so beyond grateful, blessed and thankful for everyday and with each breath I take my donor still lives on in me everyday. Organ donation is such a beautiful gift of life.

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Please consider and educate yourself and your friends and family in becoming an organ donor. It is so important, and what better gift to give when you pass on. It is a beautiful thing to think that a piece of you will live on and save someone’s life while you are no longer here. There is no greater gift. Please consider and register, you never know just like myself when you or a family member may need a life saving transplant or procedure. Donors are hero’s.

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