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Look at my picture. It's a blank grave. Now imagine your name on it. Scenario 1 You have had a good life, enjoyed it well. You got to see your loved ones everyday while on this earth with your eyes, got the chance to use that heart beating in your chest the first time you had your first kiss, you got to breathe in those wonderful smells with those powerful lungs of yours, you even got to experience your first hangover when you first got drunk and made your strong kidneys and liver work overtime. Those were the days. Scenario 2 You have spent your life in a hospital to sick to get out of bed. Your hearts to weak to pump blood without a machine, you need oxygen to breathe because your lungs are failing and you can't experience a hangover because your kidneys and liver are shutting down. We all know Scenario 1 is better so please become a donor. Let the people in Scenario 2 get a chance at the good life you already had. Don't let your organs turn to dust, donate them!

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