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Craig S: Gift of 8 Campaign

Toronto East
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I have had Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes since childhood all because a small part of my pancreas stopped producing insulin; the challenges of this disease are more than most people realise. My eyesight has been affected as well as the nerves in my feet and legs along with a few other complications. I treat this disease with multiple daily injections of insulin and diet restrictions. A little more than two years ago I was told my kidneys had failed and I would need dialysis treatments to help me live. It was difficult and frightening news to hear. It meant a shorter life expectancy and lifestyle change, many additional medications with further diet restrictions, dialysis treatments and frequent trips to the hospital. I feel fortunate to have the treatments that are available to me even though I despise them. Organ donation could improve the quality and length of my life significantly.

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I would guess that a lot people with organ failure are not afraid of death but of suffering. Organ and tissue donation can help to significantly improve the quality of that person's life. Just think if that person was someone you loved. Wouldn't you wish a better life for them? Use this website to register in Ontario. For other regions in Canada use this link: http://www.liveon.ca/Liveon/LiveOn.ca.html Add your organ donor status to your Facebook Timeline through the Lifestyle - Health & Wellness section of your page.

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