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I will never forget the year of 1999! I found out my kidney's had failed due to being a diabetic & I would have to start dialysis immediately & be put on an organ donor list. I was young & scared for my life. I was doing dialysis for awhile & also did it at work! My workplace was so supportive of everything I had to do. I started working part time as I was doing dialysis at the hospital and then I was taught how to do it at home. I went back to work full time & did my dialysis at work. It was time to see if anybody in my family/friends would be a match for me, in my heart I thought a lot of family & friends would stand up and say I am going to get checked out to see if I am a match but only 1 friend of mine did, and some of my family members did. We found a match and it was someone in my family who was a perfect match for me. I did dialysis for almost 7 months. I had my kidney transplant! My family member saved my life.

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I want everyone out there to know how important it is to register to become a donor. You can save so many lives. I am on the waiting list again and it is not easy. You get called in if there is an organ with your blood type and if you are able to walk, you actually see everyone else that is there at the hospital waiting for a lung, heart, liver, etc. and most of these people can't get up and walk around and see what I see. I see all the suffering that these people are going through. It is not a nice thing to see. I feel there pain as I have gone through this already and now I am going through it again. So I am asking everyone out there, register and become a donor. Think of the gift you can give a child, an adult, your giving them the gift of "LIFE" I think that is the perfect gift anyone can give and receive. Please think about it and register! If my loved one didn't give me a kidney and being a diabetic I don't think I would be here today!

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