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My loved one was afflicted with a condition known as Polycystic Kidney Disease. After years of living with this disease she nearly died from end stage renal failure. After extensive testing I found out that I could not donate to her due to antibodies. We would later be enrolled in the Living Donor Paired Exchange Program. This program allows a total stranger as a living kidney donor to donate to someone else. In return another would be able to donate to my my loved one. We both underwent surgery in April 2013 and the impact on her was immediate. I have had many great joys in life such as marriage and birth of our children, but nothing will compare to the moment of first seeing my loved one the morning after surgery and hearing her tearful thank you. I thank her donor for helping to save her life, and I pray that my kidney has made a difference to the person I donated to.

The Importance of Organ Donation and Why It Matters

I am considered a Hero for my actions, but in reality the real hero's are the ones who must wait and live with their conditions. To me the more who register the better their chances for a second chance in live. Making the decision today, can be someones miracle tomorrow.....I did.....you can. Be a hero...Because You Can.

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