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Donna McAllister: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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When you need a heart transplant you think about life and death all the time because you are so close to the line. This is my world now. Since December 28th I have been in the hospital and I am probably not going to leave anytime soon. At first when they said I needed a heart transplant to survive I was apprehensive. I was struggling with the fact that someone else's tragedy would be my gift of life. Then I thought of the legacy that person would be leaving. They would be giving 8 people a chance at life or a better quality of life. I remembered the reason I signed my organ card when I first earned my license. I was young but still understood that I could give the ultimate gift and leave a lasting legacy.

Many people have been asking me what I need. I need you to follow my link and check if you are registered. If you are not please do and pass this message along to family and friends.

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