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Easwari Ganeshan: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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I am here to talk about how strange things done by strangers will save lives! I started donating blood in my School blood donation camp because I am an obedient student and my teacher told that it is a noble cause but I did not realize it's value. Recently, I got a call from an unknown number and was struck in awe. The caller invited me to her daughter's wedding. Why did she invite me? I donated my blood when I was in high school which saved her daughter's life who was met with an accident way back in 2001. My first question to that mother was: who gave you my phone number? With a meek tone, she answered "I have always followed you and prayed for your success my child".... I was unable to communicate further... I am a stranger and this pretty woman has remembered me since 2001 roughly (just) for 1 pint of my blood. How many lives can I save if I can donate my organs? continue to donate blood once in every 56 days? You can be a stranger yet you can save a live through your kindness. Someday, someplace, someone you know or someone you love may need you in a different form! Please, register your consent to be an organ and tissue donor.

Kindly register, show you care for your known and unknown loved ones!

What happens to my body after death? Mother nature will decompose it. I have got a better plan, I choose to breakdown my body to give "new life's"! Do you?

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