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Fiona McKenney: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Now in Ontario, you can register your consent to become an organ and tissue donor online – you can do it right now, from the link on this page. It's easy and it only takes two minutes if you have your health card. I have recently made the decision to register and I would like to encourage all of you to do the same.

Sadly, someone in Ontario dies every three days waiting for a much-needed organ transplant. Just over 30% of Ontarians are registered donors. Considering that a single donor can save up to eight lives and enhance up to 75 more through tissue donation, it's really surprising to me that more people aren't registered. Please take a few moments and do so. And if you think you're registered because you have an organ donor card, please check your registration status to make sure. It could one day help, even save, someone in need.

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