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It now has been over 4 years since I received my gift of life. If I hadn't received a liver in time I wouldn't have fallen in love or become a Qeen's Diamond Jubilee recipient. Experiencing a near death occurrence reminds one of how precious every day is. Every day I am energised to make the best of every opportunity. Now I would like to share that feeling with you. If your reading this you to can feel as energised by simply taking 2 minutes and registering yourself as an organ donor. If you already have registered thank you. Please remember to inform your family and friends of your wishes so not a moment will be wasted should you be called upon to give the ultimate selfless gift.

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There is too much suffering in the world which I cannot control. But by registering on Beadonor.ca I could affect up to 8 lives for the better. Help me change the world, beadonor.ca too!

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