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Gary O'Neil: Gift of 8 Campaign

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About a year ago I donated a piece of my liver, and was amazed at the speed and completeness of my recovery. The process introduced me to many people (young and old) whose lives depend on receiving these organs, its very sad. Its also notable that Americans have registered at a national average almost twice the rate of Ontario's (for shame!). We can do alot better!

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When I donated (anonymously) I didn't know anyone who had experienced liver disease, but I had (like most people I suspect) had known family members and friends who I longed would make miraculous recoveries from terminal disease. Liver and kidney diseases represent the rarest of opportunities for people to intervene and affect this kind of miraculous reversal. Its a remarkable opportunity to rewrite history, and do something amazing for someone else. Imagine if it had been possible for your grandparents, your parents, your siblings: how amazing would it have been if someone had stepped in and taken away all their pain and restored them to you? By registering as a donor you can make an incredible impact on someone's life without incurring any risk or inconvenience, with a little imagination and empathy, its not that difficult of a decision.

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