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Go Green For Sarah-Lyn: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Organ and Tissue Donation is important to me because I am on the wait list for a double lung transplant. I have Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF has taken its toll on my lungs and I'm on oxygen full time. Although I am grateful to have the oxygen to help me, it is really difficult to do the things that other kids my age can do. Because my lungs are very damaged I can't do the fun things that I did before such as; running with my dogs, swimming in the pool, going on long hikes, or sleepovers at my friends. And because I am on the "wait list" for lung transplant, I have to stay within a 2 hour radious of Toronto at all times. This means I cannot travel further north of where I live. Our family likes to go to Algonquin park in the summer, this year we can't. I am really hoping and praying that we can get this transplant over with so that I can live a happy, healthy life. I am using my story to bring about more awareness to Organ and Tissue Donation. Please help me by sharing this page.

We don't need them when where gone, so why throw them in the garbage.

Lets face it, when we're gone, we don't need them anymore. Why throw out the opportunity to save 8 lives. Your organ donation cards are not enough. I have people tell me every day, "I've signed my organ donation card, thats enough" and they are mistaken. The organ donation cards are now obsolete. Don't believe me, watch the videos on the website. You need to register online or go to Service Ontario and have them register for you. I recently heard a horror story of someone waiting for lungs, he got the "call" He rushed down to Toronto, the docs prepped him for surgery, hours later (I think more than 10 hours of waiting), the docs told him that one of the donors family members has refused the donation. He was sent home. He then received 2 more calls. The third call was the one he was waiting for. The statistics are alarming. Almost 1500 people are waiting for their gift of life. Don't leave this decision to your family. Become someones hero. Your legacy will live on in another.

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