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Organ and tissue donation is of significance important; - It is extremely important to those with curable eye conditions, to restore their sight and enable them to enjoy the Fall colours and see their family and friends in a new light - It is extremely important for those awaiting lung transplant to breath new life into their lives allowing them to go out and play with their friends and family. - It is extremely important for those with failing kidneys to cleanse their bodies and free them from the restraints of dialysis - It is extremely important for those with liver conditions to bring colour and life back to their lives We all have it within ourselves to give the gift, the Gift of Life, what greater gift is there? Sign up now for Organ and Tissue donation and free some of these people, give life back to them, for they and their families, will be forever grateful

Give the Gift of Life, what greater gift is there?

Consider the following when you sign up for organ or tissue donation with the thought that it may heal a loved one, a friend, a colleague or other family member. Things I have experienced in my life to date - I have a Blue Peter competition runner's up badge - I have travelled 5 continents, worked in 4 countries, speak 3 languages - I have ridden on an elephant, a camel, a donkey, a horse, a bike, a boat, a canoe, a raft, a hovercraft, a hydrofoil & flown a plane - I have raised over C$70K for charity & cycled over 71,500 Kms - I have completed 13 marathons across 3 continents - I have hiked over 200x3000ft mountains including an active volcano - I have an award in History from High School, & have taught an Engineering class at University - I have a great sense of humour & would love to have a new kidney I have so much more to experience including; my children's graduation, weddings and grand-children, help me & others like me, REGISTER now!

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