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Heather Marie Burke-Sarsfield: Gift of 8 Campaign

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This is so close to my Heart as l am a double lung recipient this past year!! l have 8 children who watched me breathing through a tube 24hs a day for 7 years. l was one of the longest on the transplant list nearly 3 years, most are 18 mnths but many less time! l was having a feel sorry for myself day and joked about getting a lucky pair of pjamas, l did act on it and came home at 8:30 at night and put them on, lo and behold the phone rang and all l heard was "we have a set of lungs for you"!! and so my new journey began, there were many ups and downs and l was in hospital for 64 days which rarely happens, to make it short and simple l now have no wheelchair, no oxygen and l have been given a second chance to LIVE! if not for the unselfish split second decision of my Donor family my children would not have a mommy, l can never express my thanks enough for this Gift... no one can fully understand how a simple minute to register can change lives forever! "THE GIFT OF LIFE FOR SURE"!!

You have heard the saying "money, you cant take it with you" why take something such as ORGANS that are worth so much more with you??

Because of the unselfish act of a Family in grief l was able to be here for my 8 children, such a kind thing to do in a time so devistating to a Family!! they knew that 8 other people would have the chance to live again...my children have all registered other than my 9 year old as they are very much aware how this decision from my Donor Family has changed our look on life!! l made a promise to look after My two new Lungs and always be a shining example and make my Donor family proud....l now according to my 9 year old have 2 birthdays, so each year we will have a birthday cake for my Donor and my Rebirth and one for my actual birth! it is such a quick and simple thing to do, l beg all Family ,Friends and strangers to take 3 minutes to sign up on line, l am 7 mnths into my "NEW LIFE" and each night l get to hug my little boy and we pray for our Donor and Family, Thank You So much and PLEASE RECYCLE YOURSELF....BE AN ORGAN AND TISSUE DONOR! butterfly hugs to all xoxo

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