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Indrani Shanmughrajah: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Being an organ donor may be one of the hardest decisions you make, but it may also be the one that gives back the most. When you sign up to be a donor, you allow the medical community to learn and create developments that will help future generations. You're giving people a chance to live a life they can only dream about. You're giving families more time with loved ones, and you console your own with the knowledge that you are continuing to help others in your own way. We all only live once, and we all strive, by our own means, to make a difference in the world. Some changes are small, some are life-altering and never forgotten. Organ donation is something that will last a lifetime and beyond. One person can save eight lives, many of whom are under the age of 19. Just think about it, , a family of four could save 32 people, some of whom may be your own family in the future. Help change, improve and save lives, all while performing your own miracle.

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