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Janine Smith: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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If you could save eight lives in just two minutes, would you do it? That's how long it takes to become an organ donor, and how many lives you could save by registering.

Even though registering is an easy and selfless act, less than 30% of people in Ontario are donors. For my friends and family in other provinces or countries, that number may be even lower. I created this page because less than 30% isn't enough. It isn't enough for the 1,500 people in Ontario waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, and it isn't enough for their friends and family who are right there waiting with them.

Less than 30% It isn't enough because one person in Ontario dies every three days waiting for an organ transplant.

Please take two minutes and register – you can do it right now, from the link on this page. You can also check to make sure you are registered, if you're not sure.

Please feel free to share this page to encourage others to register as well. One day it could help, or even save, someone in need.

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