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If you've got that signed donor card hiding in your wallet, purse, sock drawer or in the glove box this page is for YOU! You may be surprised to know that having a signed donor card does NOT mean that you're a registered organ donor. The card predates our organ donor registry so we now ask that you register your consent with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. So now you're thinking, "hey, Joanne...if I've already signed it, surely people know I want to be a donor. What's the difference?" That's not necessarily the case. Those cards are not always found in time for someone to donate and your opportunity to be a hero to one of the 1500 people waiting for a life-saving transplant could pass by. What's more? When we have the ability to share your wishes with you're loved ones there's no misinterpretation: they know what you want. Take 2 minutes to check to see if you're registered. If you are, kudos! If you're not...aren't you glad you clicked the link?

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