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Jocelyn Michelle Leworthy: Gift of 8 Campaign

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In 2015 I became an anonymous living liver donor to a child who needed a life saving organ transplant. As a living liver donor I know first hand how incredible it feels to be able give someone else the gift of life. Organ and tissue donation is important to me because it gives people in need a second chance. Each and everyone of us deserves to live a long and healthy life to its fullest. By donating I was able to give hope to a family who was in fear of losing their loved one. Currently In Ontario there are thousands of people waiting for similar treatments right now! They're our mother's, our father's, our children, our friends, and co-workers. They're somebody's loved one. As a donor I will continue to spread awareness and advocate for organ and tissue donation in hopes of giving others the gift of life too.

Be Someone's Hero, Be a Registered Organ Donor!

By registering to be an organ/tissue donor you could be saving up to 8 lives! As a registered donor you're giving hope to families who need it the most. You have the power to give someone the gift of life...to experience more love, laughter, memories, and so many other things we are so blessed with! One day it could be you or someone you love and care about who is in need of a life saving organ or tissue donation. Be someone's hero, register to be a donor!

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