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John Trudeau: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Organ donation has been monumental in my life as a venue of providing me an actual second chance at life. Having been registered as a potential organ donor since my early 20's , I never really faced any situation that made me reflect on it's importance. It seems when individuals don't have to face the need for a transplant for themselves or a loved one, it's relevance is minimal. As I promoted organ and tissue donation, I suddenly realized that I'm trying to help people appreciate something that is intangible. Perhaps intangible to them but extremely real to me. As transplant recipients, we are living, breathing examples of how successful transplantation saves lives..


In today's fast paced, high energy focused lifestyles, we sometimes forget that change is often accomplished with small steps. We must begin by helping to change people's mindset when it comes to reusing human organs and tissue instead of burying them for eternity. We, as a society, must understand that the energy we dedicate to protect our environment with the mantra " Reuse, Restore and Recycle " need not only apply to food packaging, empty water bottles, vehicles or newspaper.. Why not apply this same strategy to organ and tissue donation. In 2009, at a time of intense pain and sorrow, the family of my donor made the wonderful decision to honor their wises to be an organ donor. This decision enables me to live every single day because of their unbelievable gift. I pray for them everyday and thank the Lord that they were there for me. Will your gift be there for someone when the time comes ?

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