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Karen Stone: Gift of 8 Campaign

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When the phone rang, it didn't cross our minds for a second that it would be one of the most important calls we would ever receive. I can't explain the range of emotions that are experienced when you hear that your daughter has been chosen to accept the greatest gift of all - offered by a complete stranger!! Earlier this year, our 4 year old daughter received a liver transplant and we have no way to say thank you other than by sharing our story. There are no words to express our gratitude or how our hopes for the future have been drastically changed from this selfless gift. The possibilities are now limitless!

Someone chose their angel to help my daughter have a chance at a better quality of life!

We want to share our story in hopes that we can continue to raise awareness about registration for organ donation. Those little cards in your wallet won't do it - you need to register on-line! We encourage you to take the 2 minutes to check it out and register if it is something you believe in. When life deals this crazy hand to others, it doesn't always hit home. When it happens to someone you can't imagine living without, nothing else even matters! If at all possible, please register....it's one of the ways we can start to say 'thank you'.

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