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I remember laying in the hospital bed and being told to "get my affairs in order" and spend time with my loved ones as there was nothing they could do for me. I was going to die. I said .....NO. This is not how my story ends. I still have things to do! I need to watch my children graduate university, get careers, get married and have children one day. I also had a list of places I wanted to travel with my husband since he just retired and I would be next to follow. I wasn't finished laughing with and loving my friends and family. We had great memories but we had more to make. But for all of this to happen I needed a miracle. That miracle was answered by the selflessness generosity and kindness of a complete stranger. Because they chose to be an organ donor I received a LIVER and KIDNEY transplant and they saved my life that day .

I am forever grateful to my donor and their family.

I am literally proof that organ donation works. Every three days a person dies waiting for an organ transplant. Everyone has the potential to be an organ or tissue donor, regardless of heath. In Ontario there are about 1400 people waiting for for lifesaving transplant. PLEASE go to beadonor.ca and register ( or confirm your registration) it takes no time at all to be someone;s hero. Please share this in all of your social media platforms and talk to your family about your wishes .

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