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A lot of you may not know this but even though I am a gamer by the name of [IA]KaTiE KaBo0M on many Steam games (used to be known as KT KaBo0M[SA]) that I also had a kidney transplant in 2007. This cause is important to me because of that fact. If you are in Ontario you also can check www.beadonor.ca to see if you are registered as a donor. I was registered on my driver's license even before they switched it to the Provincial Health Card and now I am able to check online and yep I am still a registered donor. :)

I recieved life from a donor myself a few years back <3

Even though some people don't like to think about the day they are no longer here, since I have come close to that so many times in my life it does not scare me and I know so many never discuss with their family until they are gone and can't. I figure if I can't take it with me why not help another the way I have been helped? If it wasn't for organ donation I would have been living on a machine since I was a teenager. I kinda like the fact that I have my life back. :)

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