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Kristopher allan Knowles: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Organ Donation Is Very Important because I need a liver transplant, I have been waiting on a waiting list for 13 years of my life, Till I walked across Canada to raise awareness for organ donation and during my walk my doctor came out and told me I was to healthy so they took me off the waiting list. Its been 9 years since I have been on a waiting list for a transplant because I am to healthy. My goal is to not let that happen to another person who is waiting for an organ, Everyone should be saved on the waiting list not put aside because your healthy needing an organ there is nothing healthy about that, Its called not enough organ donors. 22 years is way to long to wait for an organ.... I should have passed when I was one year old with out a transplant and I have lived this long because I was put on this earth to spread the word and make all Canadians feel comfortable about giving the gift of life, and becoming a HERO in everyone's eyes,

22 Years waiting. Lets make no one else have to wait that long. Become my hero. Register now.

What not a better gift than the gift of life. You can become a HERO in 8 peoples lives and millions of others. Especially my HERO. Please Tell your loved ones about your wishes and spread the message, Be a Donor. "Please Don't take your organs to Haven, Haven knows we need them here." Trillium gift of life. Register now and become my HERO and many others.

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