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Life is a Gift: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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When I first received a donor request card with my driver's license, little did I realise the impact that small decision could have on someone's life. In my case it has meant the difference between life and death. I'm alive today because someone decided to give the gift of life. When I started feeling sick we thought perhaps I was pregnant. What a shock to discover that I was neither pregnant nor sick with a virus, but that I had a genetic disease that was destroying my liver. My body was already shutting down and I was in urgent need of a liver transplant. I have the true gift of extremely loving family, friends and community who were willing to give their own liver for me, but what I lacked was the time. The nurses and doctors were beyond spectacular in their care for me and did everything they could to keep me going as we waited for a liver. Thanks to a special person's decision to donate their organs, I received a miraculous liver just in time. They gave me new life and they gave me back to my family and friends. I am forever grateful!

If you haven't already registered to be a donor, please take a moment to do so. It is an indescribable gift at no cost to yourself. After all, when you pass away you won't need your organs, but for someone else and their family and friends it is the gift of new life.

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