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Organ donation is one of the miracles of modern science. Our colleague and friend Sam Marr is one of the lucky ones whose life was saved through organ transplant surgery. Tragically, on average, every 3 days someone in Ontario dies waiting for an organ. There are 1500 Ontarians waiting for organs because only 32% of Ontarians have registered their consent to be donors. Everyone is a potential organ and tissue donor, regardless of his or her age. People die waiting for an organ which never arrives. You don't need your organs after you die, but there are desperate people whose lives could be saved by this generous gift of life. Please register to be an organ and tissue donor. You can do it right now from this page. It takes two minutes. Please also ask your friends and family to register. Being a donor will be the greatest gift one can ever give or receive. It costs you nothing, and means everything to the person whose life you will save. Be a donor and save lives.

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