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Feb 26,2008 was the day my life changed forever. I was 29yrs old at the time, and became extremely sick. My Father took me to the hospital, when we arrived my condition escalated to life or death. At 29yrs old I had a STROKE! Sadly,the ER MD did not intervine by ordering a CT scan of my head, which would have shown a blood clot in the brain. The MD then could have treated me with a medication that would have reversed the clot and stroke damage. Feb 28th my 30th birthday gift was being told I suffered a stroke,which at that time was no longer treatable, and will have to live with the effects of that stroke for the rest of my life. When this diagnosis was given with my family at my side in the hospital, I didn't cry. I looked at my family and said "When the day comes and I die, please Donate all of my organs and tissue" This is why organ and tissue donation is so important to me. The stroke was due to a blood condition that has no cure.

Receiving a devasting diagnosis on my 30th birthday I made the choice

I chose to donate immediately after receiving a devistating diagnosis at age 30. My life is altered. BUT when it's time I will save 8 other lives and change 75 other lives. I'm PROUD to give this gift. PLEASE DONATE!

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