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We humans think of ourselves of being an evolved species.Something that leads us in believing this is that we can develop empathy relations to our kind, we care about the well-being of our own. And our own extends from the nuclear family outwards. That is why we decide to extend our existences beyond our physical journey on this planet by sharing our organs and tissues with those that need them the most. This is my case: I was a kidney recipient from the noblest human being I know, my mother. Since then the transplanted kidney failed and I am now waiting for a second transplant from a miracle that could materialize this trait of human empathy and magic. I have been waiting, in hemodialysis, for the past 12 years. In the meantime my body is battling to survive and trying to keep in good shape. This is increasingly hard since dialysis is a tough artificial procedure.

I have been waiting for a kidney for over 12 years

By donating we become human and humane and we honor our kind. Becoming a donor sets you apart morally. It takes an advanced spirit to become a gift-giver, a donor. Make the decision now and talk to your family so you can keep on living beyond your journey on planet Earth.

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