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Marci Oliverio: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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So as of today, (April 27/17) this is my second story. My first transplant was March 20, 1990. And it was a very successful transplant. Thanks to my first HERO, I was able to enjoy my second chance at life for over 23 years. I thanked that donor and his family every day and still do because if it wasn't for organ donation I wouldn't be here today. The thoughtful gift that he and his family decided to give to many people including myself has given me a life of finishing school, watching friends and family get married, seeing my nephews grow up and become great young men and to just enjoy everyday pleasures that we take for granted, like waking up in the morning. But my story doesn't end there.

On June 20, 2015 I received a second transplant. Yes, my third chance at life. Transplants don't last forever, but can last a long time. My first one was a huge success considering it came from a deceased donor. So now I have a second HERO. A second HERO that I thank everyday for this great gift that I've been given. There is absolutely no way to express how grateful I am to both of my HERO"S for the many years that they have given me to be with family and friends. And until this all happened to me, my family, friends and I didn't fully understand the importance of organ donation. But now with so much out there about it and it hitting close to home, it is extremely important and I will do whatever I can to help put out there the importance of organ donation. Please think about what it would be like if this happened to you or a close family member. We all don't want this to happen, but reality is that it can. It's not just the kidneys like it was for me. There are many organs and tissues that can be donated. Please register on line. Your drivers license isn't good anymore. Click on my link and register today. Remember Souls go to Heaven not ORGANS.

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