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Michelle Banfield: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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My life was saved in 2019 by receiving a living liver donation from a friend. If it wasn't for the selfless act of my Earth Angel, my husband wouldn't have a wife and my children wouldn't have a mother. I am also very fortunate to know many live donors, deceased donor's family members, recipients of living donor organs as well as deceased organ recipients. It is extremely important to me to not only pay it forward but raise awareness to organ and tissue donation. I would also like to honour all families, donors, recipients along with their support community including the transplant teams, nurses and co-ordinators.

Please consider becoming a living donor or registering to become a donor because so many lives are lost as they are waiting on the transplant list. The frightening reality is that could've been me.

Every day I wake up and am grateful to be alive one more day. I try not to take one second, any moment with my family or opportunity to share my story to help save someone just as so many brave individuals and families have through the organ and issue donation program. As so many donors have told me through my journey that it changed their life for the better to become a donor or to honour their deceased loved one. I couldn't imagine how wonderful it would feel every day knowing that someone else is alive because of a decision I made to donate, incredible. All I know is I feel better and stronger because of my donor's decision to save my life. That life saver could be you, please consider registering to be a donor.

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