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There are about 1,500 people in Ontario who are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant • 15% of eligible residents of Toronto have registered to be organ and tissue donors • From April 1, 2013- December 31, 2013, 4,573 people in North York have registered to be organ and tissue donors • North York has a 12% registration rate, compared to 25% in Toronto West and 24% in East York • There are approximately 70 people in North York waiting for an organ transplant • 24% of Ontarians have registered to become organ and tissue donors Organ and tissue donor registration is a secure and confidential way to ensure that if needed this information can be shared with your loved ones. You can register in about 2 minutes as long as you have your health card. You can register at the link on this page. I've registered and I'd like to encourage all of you to do the same. It's an easy decision today that could save up to 8 lives and enhance 75 more.

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