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Miranda Fox: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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If you could save 8 lives, would you? Many people it seems have this weird idea about donating their organs, mainly because let's face it - many people aren't comfortable thinking about their own death, and the idea of parts of their body being taken out afterwards. Regardless of my own uneasiness with death it's going to happen one day that's a given fact, and when I'm dead, I'm dead - so why not give someone else a chance at life? I've read compassionate, as well as heartbreaking stories about children and adults who could have had a chance at life if a donor had been available to them. Right now in Ontario 1,500 people are waiting... what if it was you? Can you even begin to imagine what that would feel like? What if it was your mother, best friend, or partner? One donor can save up to 8 lives. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and register. I would love to inspire at least 25 other people. Help make my day :)

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