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Morgan Skidders: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Did you know there are about 1500 people just in Ontario waiting for organ transplant? By becoming a donor, you can save up to 8 LIVES and enhance up to 75 OTHERS. Imagine if that was you or a loved one waiting for the transplant...We have so many people in need and it surprises me that more people aren't registered to be donors. YOU CAN REGISTER ONLINE IN ABOUT 2 MINUTES!! I JUST DID IT SO WHY DON'T YOU?? Ontario's average rate of donors is less than 25% and in Cornwall, it's only 15%! You can make the difference in the lives of SO MANY people by making this simple decision and registering to be a donor. Thank you to all my friends who actually click on this and register! It means the world to me. <3 Remember also to donate blood regularly to save people's lives all the time.

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