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Nancy Dunham: Gift of 8 Campaign

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in 2010 I had no idea I was as sick as I was. I found myself getting so weak to the point that I couldn't do my own shopping and needed to have groceries delivered. I would force myself to go to my doctor's appointments and that's when I learned I had about 3 months at the most to live if I didn't get a liver transplant. My children started coming with me to my all my appointments to support me. I got so sick I was in the hospital every two days. Time for me was running out. While I was in the hospital after being there for a few days the nurse came into my room and said to me in front of my daughter, she had good news for me. I guessed two different things ( like getting released and positive blood results) and she said "No, better then that", then I knew....I was given the gift of life. Thank God!!! I know I would not be here now if it weren't for someone's act of kindness to be a donor. It has been a year now and I am living life in a heart of gratitude, love and hope. Thank you!!

Please Show You Care, Be A Donor And Carry Your Life Forward.

I hope that you would consider being an organ donor. It is a priceless gift that money can't buy. You could give the gift of a life by being a donor either living or when deceased. Someone gave me a gift that I will always cherish for the rest of my life. Please Give.

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