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I have often thought of giving and receiving gifts. I have often wondered about soul and body. After death soul leaves the body and then it's said, "ashes to ashes". Wait!! Hold!!! Soul leaves the body to merge with other soul or the supreme soul then why should not the body merge with the body? What is wrong with it? When I realized this, that very moment I pledged that all possible organs and/or tissues to be passed on to someone who can be benefitted. It can help at the least 8 people. O Hello, knock knock - while alive we boast of saving, gifting being modest and so on, just let the goodness pass on even after death! Decision is yours, wish you all could join hands with me to be a donor. Will YOU join hands with me and be a donor? Hold my hand while you still can, before it's too late, before I am donated and you are left behind!! Navdeep S Bharti (Bunti)

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