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We learned through our journey with organ donation of the staggeringly low donation numbers and it shocked us. Organ donation has touched us on many levels. One of our founders is waiting on a kidney donation currently and most drastically on the flip side our other founder lost her nephew to a tragic murder in early December. Murder is a difficult way to lose anyone but, when it is a life cut short at just 27 years of age the sting is just a little more difficult. As a family they chose to donate his organs and they quickly learned it was nothing like what you see on television. Because this young man was an addict there was question about whether or not they could use his organs but the family was quickly assured that it was possible and everyone agreed that this young man had such a huge heart in life it would be something he would have wanted but, they had not had the conversation with him. The family simply had a gut instinct knowing the man and father he was. So they made the difficult decision to give one more gift to someone in his death. While not all of his organs were able to be used some were and this provides solace to the family who are working hard to create a youth arts center in his memory. The theme of organ donation will be wide spread through the organization even influencing the colors of the logo and his favorite color which happened to be green. Back to the flip side one of the founders and someone close to the organization is still on the donor list and so our desire to have people register through the center and events is a big and personal one. The more who register the bigger the chance that this person will get a new lease on life as well. Please consider signing as a donor today! We would like to hit 100 registrations before the centers target opening date of December 11, 2022. Sign today please!

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